Maximus 105 & 140

The MAXIMUS is a high-quality system operated with a wireless remote control to protect your outdoor living space from bugs, sun rays, wind and add more privacy on demand, therefore increasing your comfort and home value.

The MAXIMUS is controlled by a remote control or a smart phone that activates the rotation of the tube to either raise or lower the screen to the desired position. The screen is fixed to a lateral retention system that ensures a complete and sealed closure around the perimeter of the opening.


Parts: Aluminum

Front Bar: Aluminum

Screws: Geomet

Installation: Wall or Jamb


Maximum Dimensions

Maximus 105: 16′ (width) x 9′ (height)

Maximus 140: 20′ (width) x 13′ (height)

Sit back & relax. We’ve got this.

Whether you’re buying a vertical guide, a fixed screen or a motorized screen, you’re buying a Mitjavila. Which means quality materials, precise fabrication & trustworthy installation.

Mitjavila Canada Maximus 105 & 140

Superior Fabrics

Textilene Screen is a superior strength vinyl coated polyester offering excellent visibility with 40% or 50% openings. They offer ideal protection against bugs, and light protection against the wind, preserving a comfortable outdoor sensation. Available only in black for maximum transparency.

Nano 60
Nano 60

Serge Ferrari | Soltis Horizon 86 fabric is entirely made of PVC, offering superior stability. The micro-perforations with only 14% openings provide excellent protection from the sun, the wind and the rain. The micro-perforations increase the retention of the heat inside your outdoor living space. Choose between our four available colours.


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