Bioclimatic Pergolas

Premium materials, precision engineering, trouble-free operation & all-weather enjoyment come standard with our industry-leading bioclimatic pergolas. And all covered by a comprehensive 10-year warranty.

Bioclimatic    Pergolas
Waterproof for protection against rain
Simple control of ventilation and air flow
Easy brightness adjustment

Compare our louvered pergolas

Durable construction and material is essential to creating a valuable outdoor space. Terra Summer’s products are made of high-grade aluminum, which is long-lasting. It’s resistant to UV radiation and corrosion, which means little maintenance is required.

Horizon 150Horizon 220Horizon 290
11’5” x 13′13′ x 16’ 8″14’9″ x 19′ 9″
Height7 to 8′7 to 9′7 to 10′
Construction 100% aluminum structure 100% aluminum structure 100% aluminum structure
Operating SystemManual crank110V electric motor
with remote control
2 x 110V electric motor
with remote control
Blades Rotation90º90º115º
Legs Dimensions4 1/8″ x 4 1/8″5 1/2″ x 5 1/2″ 5 1/2″ x 5 1/2″
Installation type Freestanding and Wall-mountFreestanding and Wall-mountFreestanding and Wall-mount
Modular Concept
Total Waterproofing
Adjustment of luminosity
Optional LED lights
Optional Motorized Screens

Sit back & relax. We’ve got this.

Our qualified distributors will get the job done quickly, efficiently and – most importantly – cleanly. No gouging of cedar, no trampling of Phlox. In other words, sit back & relax.

ColoUr Selector

Add value to your home

Outdoor living spaces can add serious value to a home — especially as more designers and homebuyers aim to take the inside, outside.

The key to creating a valuable outdoor space is to ensure the extension matches the existing home design. That’s why Mitjavila offers a large selection of colours, so clients can perfectly match their home exterior, frames and trim.

Textured Charcoal
Dusty Grey
Pebble Grey
Grey Beige
Sierra Tan
Stone Grey
Beige Khaki
Dark Bronze
Steel Blue

* Colours indicative only

Get inspired

The louvered pergolas add protection and functionality to this modern outdoor living space. Optional motorized screens available on Horizon 220 and 290 models.

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